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Artist: Geza Biro. Size: 47.5x28”.

Geza Biro was born in 1919 in Transylvania, Hungary. He graduated with top honors in Fine Arts, with a minor in Art Restoration, from the Royal Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest in 1943, winning the Royal Scholarship Award in his final year.

Biro was recruited into the army during World War II, and was made a prisoner of war for four years. Upon his release after the war, Biro worked for the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest as a researcher, restorer and consultant, restoring historic monuments and artwork that had suffered damage during the war. He began exhibiting his own works in the 1950s at the National Gallery of Hungary and, in the early 1960’s, was exhibited in Austria.

Geza Biro “Spanish Nude” Original Oil Painting On Canvas

C$1 200,00Ár
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