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LOUIS PRIOU (1845-1917) Original Oil Painting On Canvas.

Louis Priou (born onOctober 14, 1845 in Toulouse and died onJuly 13, 1917 in Paris 1 st is a French painter.

A student at the School of Fine Arts of Alexandre Cabanel and Jean-Georges Vibert , he exhibited at the Salon des Artistes français from 1869 , and until 1914 . He will be rewarded several times: he obtains a medal in 1869 , a first class medal in 1874 , and finally a bronze medal at the Universal Exhibition of 1900.. In addition to genre scenes and portraits, he specializes in history painting, with themes often borrowed from Greek mythology, and in particular in staging populated by satyrs and nymphs. His colorful and lively palette, which often transcribes an atmosphere of undergrowth, is similar to the colourists of the years 1870-1880, such as Eugène Thirion , Fernand Cormon , and Ferdinand Humbert .

The art looks exactly as shown on the pictures. It comes with its original frame. Size is 35x28 inches. Signed as Louis Priou. The art is original.

LOUIS PRIOU (1845-1917) Original Oil Painting On Canvas

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