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Estate/Content Sale Services


We must make an initial "no charge" visit to your home to ensure that the home has a sufficient quantity of items available in order for an estate sale to be conducted.
If an estate sale is accepted, our team will come into the home and sort the items, from the attic to the basement, including the garage. Anything that looks personal, ie: identity, insurance documents, photographs, money, etc., will be kept aside for the client.

If required, we bring in clothing racks, locked display cases, tables, tablecloths, and shelving. It is our goal to aid in all aspects of your estate sale.

After unloading dresser drawers, cupboards, closets, cabinets and boxes, we will sort, display, research, and price all goods at fair market value; finally, we conduct the estate sale.

The estate sale is advertised and marketed in order to obtain the right buyers for your household items.

As part of our commitment to meeting your needs, we will arrange for the sale and/ or removal of all unsold items from the estate sale area.


Anything from the estate or house contents that is safe and legal. Estate and house content sales can consist of antiques, collectibles, cars, household furnishings, clothing, jewellery, tools, appliances, kitchen/ garden items, and what some people may consider to be ‘junk’.



Every item for sale in your household will be organized, appraised and individually priced.  For unique items such as antiques, art, clothing, jewellery, china, household items, furniture, books, rugs, light fixtures, kitchen stuff, collectibles a more in-depth appraisal will be conducted.

If required, third party appraisers can be brought in for an additional assessment.



We are an experienced and professional sales team, and our sales abilities are paramount to ensure a successful contents sale.  We have staff available during the sale to cover all areas of your home to assist consumers with any questions, to make sales, and help with the delivery of purchased items.

Additionally, to ensure a good turn out we advertise locally, online through our website and social media, and to our private list of clients.



Cleaning up before and after a contents sale is necessary for presentation, staging and when the house is closing. Clean up includes: removing any trash and/or items, disposing of unsold items in an environmentally friendly way, disposing of hazardous waste, donating anything of further use to charity, leaving the house in broom swept condition.

We also offer trash/junk removal as a separate service for anyone that may need to dispose of excess clutter/trash in their home.


We provide home organization services for individual downsizing cases, whether to purge old items or organize closets and offices.  We will assist with packing and moving as a separate service or before holding a contents sale.

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