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Rug Cleaning & Repairing

We specialize in Persian & Oriental Rug and Carpet Cleaning in GTA. We separate rugs based on being handmade or machine made. Handmade rugs generally are more sensitive. Our rug cleaning work is guaranteed & your rugs are full insured while in the processing of services such as rug cleaning, rug restoration, repairing, stiching, binding, fringing, leathering, stain removal, moth proofing, deodorizing. 

Free pickup and delivery within GTA.

We clean all type of area rugs including antique, silk, wool, Persian, oriental rug.


We wash and clean all kinds of rugs and carpets in three ways. Power wash, traditional wash and hand wash. Our specialty is Persian rugs, oriental rugs and as well as 100 percent silk rugs. The way we clean and wash your rug is very unique and professional. We use special shampoo for wool and silk rugs which will make your rugs look clean and shiny. Our years of experience and knowledge give us ease to take care of your rugs in the best way.



Some rugs must be bound on the edges because the greatest point of wear on a rug is its edge. Carpet binding is used for any material being applied to the edge of a carpet. We do hand  binding, also leather /support binding is available. 



Most of the oriental rugs come with fringes. These fringes are basically added to go with the pattern and make the rugs look nice. However with the passage of time, usually fringe gets damage. The damage in the fringe eventually might end up slowly damaging your rug. The damage of a rug starts from a corner. If you repair the damage on time, you can save the rug. To fix or replace fringe for machine made rugs is quiet easy and inexpensive. For handmade rug, we weave a new yarn attaching with the rug by hand so it is perfectly match with the rug.



Best done by professional. We have the skill, experience and patience, we do all kinds of repairs such as sewing the side cords, re-weaving pattern and the curling edges, even colour fixing. The basic tools required are more or less the same as for weaving. Scissors, curved knives, metal combs, various sizes of hooks and needles, beeswax, pliers, a small wooden frame, natural fibre of cotton, wool and silk for piling and asset of magic makers.

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